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​The philosophy behind inquiry-based, student-centered learning is that students learn best while doing science rather than merely reading about it. The best approach 
is to have your students learn science by “being a scientist.”

The “I Wonder” Circle® is at the heart of Science Companion’s approach to inquiry-based science learning, providing an enticing visual of the process of doing science.
I Wonder: notice, ask questions, state problems
I Think: consider, gather information, predict
I Try: experiment, model, test ideas, repeat
I Observe: watch, examine, measure
I Record: record data, organize, describe, classify,
  draw, graph   
I Discover: look for patterns, interpret, reflect,    
  conclude, communicate discoveries

Everything you need to know about each module!
Wondering what each Science Companion module contains? Click on the image above to see downloadable sample lessons.
The Common Core Standards aren't done yet for science. Want to check how Science Companion correlates to the standards so far?
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