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Mondo Intervention Pricing
Mondo literacy resources enable educators striving to provide personalized instruction with a clear pathway to achievement for each student. Our emphasis on instructional-level teaching assures that what teachers explicitly share (teach) is also being received and applied (learned). Together with our partners (teachers, principals, and district leaders) we are transforming minds from the classroom out. We're not only about teaching--Mondo is about teaching and learning.
Let's Talk About It! Oral Language-Reading & -Writing program has documented success in improving the reading achievement of language-deficient English language learners and native English speakers. Let's Talk About It! provides a sequential, structured approach for oral language development.
Sam Felicia & Associates has provided over 35 years of customer service to educators.
An effective core reading program includes explicit, systematic instruction in the five elements of reading (phonemic awareness, phonics/word study, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency), a basis in sound research, an assessment component, proven instructional strategies, and both whole-group and small-group instruction.

Bookshop, Mondo's core reading program for Grades K-5, is the first core program to give teachers all the tools they need in order to carry out precise, personalized, and professional instruction for all students. The Bookshop Reading Program offers a complete, research-supported classroom package of high-quality student materials and teacher resources.
At Mondo, two central beliefs form the basis of our core reading approach: All students can achieve high standards given sufficient time and support, and teachers hold the key to successful learning.